Concrete Driveway & Garage Floors

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A home’s driveway is an important part of the overall design, look and function of the home. Without a durable parking surface, entering and exiting becomes dirty, uncomfortable and a real pain.

There are several options for driveways.

Of course many select blacktop as an option, and it is a good option for sure in New England.

Some select gravel, as it is a low-cost, effective ground covering that is easy to repair. It is however dusty and requires more maintenance year by year than a more solid parking surface.

Concrete has been used for driveways for many many years. Lately, it has gotten more popular in New England has the products are better able to withstand New England winters, snow and ice.

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Properly installed concrete driveways can last 30-40 years!

Due to it’s more rigid structure, well-done concrete is easy to clean and pressure wash. Proper drainage is essential, but we know the best ways to make sure it is done, and done right.

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