New! Concrete Flooring Trends for 2020

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There are lots of trendy styles for concrete flooring coming into the market.

Black, Dark and a Cooler in Tone Concrete Stains

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Yes, the pattern in the direction of darker shades is expanding. Two trends that appear in regard to darker shades of hardwood are:

Design over Upkeep: these often tend to go darker and also cooler. These clients are usually families without children. Whether “pre-kids” or empty-nesters, these homeowners can afford the look they want, without the maintenance concerns of some families. Also wealthier homeowners that have additional cleaning assistance to maintain the floors may also want to consider this option.

Regardless, awesome dark tones are coming out bolder than ever. This is a completely different look than the warmer tones (like reds, red/brown blends or yellow touches). Some also choose to go in the direction of browns that are a lot more pure as well as colder to achieve a similar effect.

The newest color fads of the grey paint shades particularly go well with dark floors. I also see some clients assimilating a touch of grey to the dark browns.

For those wanting to go really dark, they are usually mixing ebony/dark walnut (like a 50/50 mix), ebony/jacobean. Dark stains can frequently be a great remedy if you discover that you have a combination of timber types in your house, however, extremely black floorings do reveal all dirt and dust, so know this in advance.

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